Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trip to TravelPod

After working at MARSWorks for close to three and a half years, I was contacted by a talent agency in San Francisco about a job opportunity at TravelPod (located in Ottawa). I went into the first interview and wowed them with my technical knowledge and later sent them some references and some code I wrote in college for a custom web framework.

A short week and a bit after the initial interview, I was signed on for a three month contract, and after a month and a week I have been signed on fulltime.

This move has been a great shift in terms of career and where my interest has been going lately. I am working on a well established active website that has a lot of users and we work at optimizing SEO and Revenue generation. I have been learning a lot about a different side of the web and it has been great.

I will miss the atmosphere of MARSWorks, but I am wholly enjoying the experience of working at TravelPod.

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