Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Filming is not allowed on OCTranspo property

Just try and stop us. Do they really think that just because "filming is not allowed on OCTranspo property" that we aren't going to use social media to showcase idiocy? There are myriad methods to do so anonymously and I think that a "fine" or whatever they serve you really doesn't out weigh the opportunity to bring incidents into the public eye.

OCTranspo drivers are expected to be professional when on the job. More so because they are "public workers". Anyone in a work place environment who erupts with that kind of behavior is most certainly going to be dealt with - the fact that this is a public serving incident, well forget it.

Now there are videos of bus drivers shown using cellphones illegally (putting passengers in driver), complaints being made against drivers who sing while driving and I believe there was another story recently of a passenger who went off the deep end at a driver.

When I was on a bus in Toronto, some low life started to harass the driver and the bus we were on was equipped with a window / door type of mechanism which allowed the driver to deal with the harassing passenger. We should have these in Ottawa. And we should make examples of people who offend and push rules. We are going to wind up in a stalemate against ourselves if we continue to be so sensitive towards issues.

We should always be aware of where we are and what we are doing when we are out and about. You never know what is happening. It shouldn't be a question of "be careful there are cameras on you". Being watched isn't something new. People have had eyes for quite some time now, and wherever you go outside your home, there are eyes on you.

Having the ability to film and take pictures is nothing more than an extension to our ability to recount events. So yes, OC Transpo, we have cameras and we are using them. We aren't paying attention to whether we are on your property or not and it doesn't matter. We have eyes, ears and memories and we can recall what happened whether or not we have cameras.

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