Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ottawa Wine and Food Show

I went to the Ottawa Food and Wine shoe on Friday. Overall it was fun.

When I first got there it felt very crowded and it was hard to move around. I quickly found that after a few "samples" of wine it was easy to move through the crowd and move through the people to get more food and more wine.

There were a lot of interesting wines. I stayed in the reds for the night. I am not much of a wine taster so I cannot very much about the wines themselves, other than how much I owe for making the night great.

The food was also delicious. Various restaurants from around town were setup. Some of them had music, some of them seemed to be solo chefs who were just showcases various dishes. There was nothing I ate that was not tasty.

So if you are ever invited to the wine and food show and are weighing the option between a lame house party and the wine and food show, I would suggest (especially if you haven't been) the latter. It is fantastic.

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