Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pedestrian Friendly Streets

There was some sort of ridiculous discussion about making streets "more pedestrian friendly". Alright, I can see how aspiring to an objective such as this could be a good thing if it is approached from the perspective of having more streets that are like Sparks street (or Times Square which is basically the same thing).

However, in Ottawa the motivation for this is driven by a new phenomenon of pedestrians and cyclists being involved in collisions with motor vehicles. Now, yes, of course this is tragic for those involved, however one thing I would like to point out is pedestrians and cyclists (as far as I observe in Ottawa since this is where I am living currently) hardly ever look where they are going. It is common to see someone J-walking a "don't walk hand" with headphones in and eyes on the mobile phone and completely not paying attention to what is going on around them.

I see cyclists biking on the road taking up a lane like they are a car (and I do think many of these avid cyclists like to claim equal road rights as cars) and then run through a red light like it doesn't matter.

Not to mention, cars are bigger and a lot faster than anyone on a bike is. This is something that cyclists should really think about. Cars are heavier, bigger, more durable, less destructable and A LOT bigger than you. Think about that why you are claiming your lane on heavy traffic road ways. It is not safe. There are plenty of alternate routes. This isn't about getting your share of rights and making cars drive slower. This is about keeping the world moving and not getting yourself killed.

This video sums up the basis of what I'm talking about:

Except maybe instead of lions, there could be an element where you get FUCKING RUN OVER!

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