Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year Reflections: What are we living for?

I had an interesting thought that occurred to over the holidays that I wanted to extrapolate. I was at my uncles one night and we were watching some videos he had taken of us over the years doing family things. Its interesting to observe the change that has occurred over the years as myself and my cousins have grown older and built fuller lives of our own.

My one liner for a description of this sort of goes like this: Then, when my cousins and I were younger (we're all within about 10 years of each other I believe, maybe 12 years) we were always doing something, everyone was talking about things they were doing, things were exciting, kids were young, people were figuring things out.

Now we sit in my uncles living room and watch videos of ourselves in the past. Is this just some sort of generational trend or are we waiting for something? Are we waiting for the next wave of kids to come along so that we have something to be excited about? 

These thoughts led me to wonder what I'm waiting for, and quickly realise that I'm not waiting for anything. I like hanging out with my cousins, aunts and uncles and siblings - they are my people. We've all known each other our whole lives. We all have so much in common yet we're all in different directions and doing different sorts of things with our lives.

I like playing pool with my brother in law. His basement is now the best place to hang out, shoot pool and have a few beers. I'm kind of excited to continue going through life with these people. I like my cousins. They are really interesting people. I really hope that we continue to have as big of a family as we always have when the young couple generation of us start to have our own kids around. I think its really important to stick with the people you grew up with. There's something about that relationship that is indestructible.

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